Lord’s Acre

Lord’s Acre is a special time that has been celebrated at Jackson Grove for many years.  Each fall, we dedicate the Sunday before Thanksgiving as Lord’s Acre Sunday.  This tradition began more than 50 years ago for Jackson Grove.

“Since a church, like a home, requires constant upkeep, Jackson Grove needed a fund to be replenished annually.  In 1959, Jackson Grove instituted the Lord’s Acre program.  Gilreath Turner, superintendent of the Sunday School, asked every member to undertake a project to bring in money for a special offering.  Turner, with his brother Wayne, set aside one acre of cotton.  Edward Bradley raised a hog.  When the offerings came in that first year around Thanksgiving, proceeds were sufficient to waterproof, tile, and paint the basement.  The Lord’s Acre remains an important part of the giving of the church.”

–Excerpt from History of Jackson Grove United Methodist Church 1831-1981

by Lou Alice Flynn Turner and Doris Coleman Gilreath

Today, this celebration is sort of a homecoming for Jackson Grove.  It’s the day that members, old and new, return to the church, a day we all spend a little extra time together as we join in fellowship while enjoying the always delicious meal, and a day we thank God for the bounty and blessings He has provided us throughout the year.  Following the service, we will gather in our fellowship hall for a covered-dish lunch.  Please join us, and bring your favorite food to share.  We hope to see you and all of your friends and family there!