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Two Constants ?>

Two Constants

“Two Constants” Judges 10:10-16         Matthew 28:18-20                      You have heard it more than once…probably heard it from your grandparents… and they probably heard it from theirs.  There are only two sure things in this life…death and taxes.  Sure…we’ve all heard it. Today…I want to suggest to you that there are indeed two sure things…but they aren’t death and taxes. You only have to turn to the gospels to learn that death is not a sure thing for those who…

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Reward ?>


“Reward”   Genesis 22:1-14          Matthew 10:40-42   Many years ago….back before Rush Limbaugh…Mike Gallagher…Ann Coulter and Hugh Hewitt…back when radio station talk shows were a service to the community…I had the privilege of hosting one of those shows in Dubuque, Iowa.  One day a lady called to tell everyone about some awful thing that was happening at city hall.  I told her that…as a reporter for the radio station I was in city hall every day for two to three…

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Everything and Always

“Everything and Always”   Genesis 1:1 – 2:4         Matthew 28:16-20   In the days before instant electronic communication the news of great happenings had to be passed on primarily by word of mouth.  In nineteenth century England, the people were waiting anxiously for the news of the outcome of the important battle of Waterloo…fought 200 years ago in what is now Belgium.   There, the British forces of the Duke of Wellington faced the mighty French forces of Napoleon.  In London…a…

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Be Ready ?>

Be Ready

“Ready”   Isaiah 2:1-5        Matthew 24:36-44   It was a sunny, but cool day on February 1, 2003.  It’s one of those days a person remembers.  It was the day the space shuttle Columbia disintegrated in the skies over the United States.  It was a tragic loss for the U. S. space program, and an even more tragic loss of the lives of seven men and women. In the first official statement, NASA Administrator Sean O’Keefe confirmed that the shuttle…

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Because of the Father ?>

Because of the Father

“Because of the Father” 1 Kings 2:10-12; 3:3-14       John 6:51-58             Solomon asked for wisdom.  He got it.  A gift from the Father…God. The Jewish leaders argued among themselves because they didn’t believe…or couldn’t understand…the one who had been sent…as a gift…by the very same Father. Not understanding the gifts from the Father happens…in unexpected places.  Today’s gospel lesson from John is one of them.   The language and ideas may seem quite strange.  But to those who heard…

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Live ?>


“Live”   Acts 17:22-31    John 14:15-21               Live and in living color!  That’s how Paul did it.  Right there!  Among the non-believers!  One day…he encountered the resurrected living Christ on the road to Damascus.  From that day forward Paul would share the good news with everyone he encountered…even those in the Areopagus.  Paul’s witnessing is an example for us…Christ’s disciples today. Paul wasn’t speaking to what could be described as a friendly crowd…nor was it a crowd of antagonists…people…

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Greater Works

“Greater Works”   Acts 7:55-60                John 14:1-14               We often hear the words from John’s Scripture at funerals.  They are words of great comfort even when tears of grief are flowing and hearts are breaking with hurt for the one who has just been lost and for those who remain behind.  They are certainly appropriate for the occasion. But…Jesus didn’t offer them at a funeral.  It was at the Last Supper…right after he told his disciples that he…

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Fruit ?>


“Fruit” Acts 10:44-48    John 15:9-17             There are those among us who view strangers with unwarranted fear and suspicion.  This one’s for you…to share…with them…with love.           On this Day…the Lord’s Day…let’s start with a fairy tale…a fairy tale that tells us what mother and God both taught us. We all know how the fairy tale begins…once upon a time…there was a frog…but he really wasn’t a frog.  He was a handsome prince.  He only looked and felt like…

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Because of My Name ?>

Because of My Name

“Because of My Name”   Isaiah 65:17-25  Luke 21:5-19   Today’s scriptures give us an opportunity to address some common questions asked by believers and non-believers alike. Hear what the renowned historian, Josephus, wrote about the Temple.  “The exterior of the building wanted nothing that could astound either mind or eye.  For, being covered on all sides with massive plates of gold, the sun was no sooner up than it radiated so fiery a flash that persons straining to look…

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Peace ?>


“Peace” 3-27-16 Acts 2:14, 22-32          John 20:19-31             On that first Easter Sunday…as Mary cried “Rabboni” after Christ had called her name…she apparently threw her arms around Jesus.  But…Jesus cautioned her to not cling to him.  He wanted her to realize that a new relationship was in the process of being established.  The comfort that awaited Mary and her friends…that exists for you and me…was far more than his physical presence could ever give. It is very significant that…

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